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Illustrator, author

“My passion for art began when I was in second grade. The teacher that year, Mrs. Walldyer, had a talent for doing colored chalk drawings on the blackboard to celebrate the change of seasons. Everyone in class was fascinated to watch her, but I remember sitting there thinking, ‘I don’t care how long it takes—I’m going to learn how to do that’. “

Interview with Bruce Garrabrandt by Cindy Wider

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“I used to be a serious artist – but I got over it. It’s more fun to create “random acts of artistic nonsense.” As I careen into middle-age, I grow more convinced that humor is our cosmic night-light. It touches emotions we all share. (Truthfully, I only do these drawings to watch my wife roll her eyes. It works every time. Life is full.)” About Bruce Garrabrandt

"Humour is our cosmic night-light. It touches emotions we all share." - Bruce Garrabrandt
Bruce Garrabrandt: Illuminator of Artistic Mind
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