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Frank Lloyd Wright | Radical builder

Architect, designer, educator, writer

"Change is the one immutable circumstance found in landscape. But the changes all speak or sing in unison of cosmic law, itself a nobler form of change." - Frank Lloyd Wright
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“[Frank Lloyd] Wright and Olgivanna [Olga Lazovich] founded an architectural school at Taliesin, the Taliesin Fellowship, an apprenticeship program to provide a total learning environment, integrating not only architecture and construction, but also farming, gardening, and cooking, and the study of nature, music, art, and dance.”

About Frank Lloyd Wright

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“Believing that architecture could be genuinely transformative, Wright devoted his life to creating a total aesthetic that would enhance society’s well being. ‘Above all integrity,’ he would say: ‘buildings like people must first be sincere, must be true.’ Architecture was not just about buildings, but about nourishing the lives of those within them.”

About Frank Lloyd Wright: Integrity and Connection

"To be harmonious is to be beautiful in a rudimentary sense; a good place from which to spring toward the moving infinity that is the present." - Frank Lloyd Wright
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