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Josef Albers | Revelatory creator

Painter, poet, sculptor, teacher, philosopher

A Novelty of Nous with an illumination of Artistic Mind by Josef Albers

This Novelty of Nous together with 67 others is available for purchase in the Deck of Collective Individualists

“Josef Alber’s legacy as a teacher of artists, as well as his extensive theoretical work proposing that color, rather than form, is the primary medium of pictorial language, profoundly influenced the development of modern art in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s.”

Read more of Josef Alber’s Biography on The Art Story

In my color book there is no new theory of color. But, in it, there is a way to learn to see.” Josef Albers on The Interaction of Colour

Read Josef Albers and the Pre-Columbian Artisan in the bauhaus imaginista

“Let us learn from the Mexican artist truthfulness to conception and material, truthfulness to art as spiritual creation … Let us recognize again the great discipline of the Mexican sculptor. It teaches us: Be truthful with materials.”

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