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Ted Falconar | Noetic sage

Philosopher, writer

"Nous is the secret of creativity, and creativity is the Elixir of Life, the only one. Everything is transformed by creativity. Without creativity we only exist, but creativity enhances our lives." - Ted Falconar

In his attempt to understand Albert Einstein’s particular mode of thinking and idea-generation, theorist Alfred Korzybski used the term nous. He recognized Einstein’s potential to ‘see’ the essential truth of things beyond what is available to most of us through the layering of conceptual thinking, language and personal history.

In Creative Intelligence and Self-Liberation, the noetic sage Ted Falconar “extends Korzybski’s concept of Nous by weaving into its fabric insights from Eastern philosophies, introducing Realization as this truer seeing of reality, and offering this mode as a pathway for Liberation from the constraints of memory and concepts.”

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