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Terence McKenna | Psychonautical imagineer

Speaker, writer, ethnobotanist, mystic

“A stand-up philosopher who made a unique contribution to science, humanism, and the hidden arts, Terence K. McKenna (1946-2000) was the 20th century’s psychedelic renaissance man. More than twenty years since his untimely passing, across the virtual popstream, in pervasive digitization, and social media networks dedicated to his ‘small mouth noises’, McKenna has an enduring magnetism.”

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“In addition to psychedelic drugs, McKenna spoke on a wide array of subjects including; shamanism; metaphysics; alchemy; language; culture; self-empowerment; techno-paganism; artificial intelligence; evolution; extraterrestrials; science and scientism; the web; virtual reality (which he saw as a way to artistically communicate the experience of psychedelics); and aesthetic theory, specifically about art/visual experience as information representing the significance of hallucinatory visions experienced under the influence of psychedelics.”


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"A mystery is not to be confused with an unsolved problem; a mystery is by its nature mysterious and will not collapse into a solution." - Terence McKenna
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