Insights towards intuitive wisdom

A 30-day process of creative musing for intuitive interpretation

Each prompt in this process is an invitation to activate your intuitive sensemaking; and an opportunity to witness how you weave sensations, thoughts, feelings, words and ideas into meaningful concepts.

As fresh insights arrive in response to the creative cues provided, you’ll start noticing how you bring your inner reality into co-creative relationship with your outer experience. This self-reflective approach is the foundation for honoring your intuition as a trustworthy guide and discerning companion in making decisions and taking action.

Option A

Receive Insights as an email journey

Option B

Receive Insights as a PDF workbook

Insights is a freely available self-guided process using creative musing as a tool for witnessing and refining your intuitive wisdom. The Insights process invites you to muse, visualize, self-reflect and journal in response to 30 unique prompts as a practise of refining your intuition. Each prompt consists of a visual muse and a playful question for intuitive interpretation. You can receive the process either as a 32-day email journey (one prompt per day for 30 days plus a welcoming and closing email); or you can receive it as a 40-page PDF workbook (30 pages of prompts plus introductory guidance) which you can work through in your own time.

The Insights process is ieal for anyone interested in using creative strategies to expand their sovereign sensemaking abilities. It is especially suitable for individuals who enjoy self-reflective and intuitive interpretation processes such as journaling, art-making, creative expression, Oracle cards, affirmations and active imagination.

Insights is designed to be a simple, accessible and enjoyable process of witnessing the dynamics of your sensemaking.

The process serves as a tool for increasingly trusting your intuitive wisdom by gaining insight into how you weave facts, memories, ideas, thoughts, imaginings and sensations into meaningful concepts in response to creative cues.

First, you simply need to decide between Option A (receiving Insights as as a 30-day email journey) or Option B (receiving Insights as a 35-page PDF workbook) and then submit your email to us through one of the contact forms above.

Insights is freely available so no credit card details or other payment details are required.

If you choose Option B (PDF), space has been provided on each page for you to journal and do process work in response to the daily prompt. You are welcome to use your own journal or notebook. If you choose Option A (email journey), we recommend you have a dedicated notebook or journal handy for your process work.

(Please note that we will only use your email to send you the necessary Insights process work in the format that you have selected. If you want to receive any other iNous services or products, you will need to sign-up separately.)

The Insights process was designed by iNous founder and artistic researcher, Samantha Prigge, in collaboration with artist and visual muse, Lanon Prigge. The process is based on our joint expertise and ongoing research for the past 30 years into the role of the arts and artistic processes in self-reflection, personal expression and cultural transformation.

The visual muses are from Lanon’s collection of artworks known as The LightCatcher Chronicles. To view how these visual muses are being used in other creative tools and services, visit this page

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