Timeless Wisdom for Living Life Artistically

Novelties of Nous is a growing collection of prompts illuminating that timeless wisdom of Artistic Mind. The collection is the outcome of over twenty years of Artistic Research into the workings of Artistic Mind, or nous. The Novelties together insights gathered from intrepid imagineers throughout time and across the world.

To make this expansive body of timeless wisdom more accessible, the content has been curated under 9 Principles for Living Life Artistically. These are:

  • Curiosity
  • Attention
  • Perception
  • Imagination
  • Experience
  • Intention
  • Improvisation
  • Sovereignty
  • Transformation.
These principles refer to qualities or states that are intrinsic to human nature, and which each of us can put to use in our daily living to enrich our experience of Life.



Novelties of Nous are available as printed, boxed Collectible Editions. Five Collectible Editions of 68 prompts each are currently available:

Each Novelty combines a visual muse (non-representational image) with a verbal mantra (a pearl-of-wisdom about the nature and purpose of artistic mind).

Mantra and muse harmonize to activate nous, inviting you to seek inspiration and resolution through whole-brain thinking or contemplation.

Novelties of Nous provide opportunities for personal sense-making.

Whether you consider yourself artistic or not, applying the wisdom of Artistic Mind can expand your intuitive and imaginative capacities, enabling you to discover personal meaning amidst the tensions and contradictions inherent in life.

Who can draw value from Novelties of Nous?

Multidisciplinary artists
Artistic Researchers
Life Artists
Creative consultants

How can you benefit from Novelties of Nous?

With a collection of Novelties, it’s possible to engage in a dynamic, personal meaning-making process supported by the wisdom of Artistic Mind. You can shuffle and pick a single mystery prompt. Or arrange and rearrange a sequence of prompts.

A single colourful prompt selected from an array of shuffled prompts

By contemplating a prompt, you bring the visual muse and text fragment into symbolic interplay. Pathways of potential meaning are activated. You can leave these insights to arise and flow in an open-ended manner. Or you can commit them to a particular aspect of your life, holding a question, muse or issue in mind as you play. 

A single illuminating prompt reflecting the wisdom of Artistic Mind

Novelties of Nous Collectible Editions can be used for:

  • contemplation and focused meditation
  • journaling and self-reflection
  • musing and imaginative reverie
  • affirmation and divination.
A colorful array of artistic prompts on a wooden table

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Novelties of Nous is our growing collection of imaginative prompts. Each prompt synergizes an evocative image with a pearl-of-wisdom gleaned from a diverse range of illuminators.

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