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A detailed explanation of all the components that make up a SoulSong Journey

Serious Play

SoulSong Array

Required Resources

Gameplay Resources

A SoulSong Journey is a daily self-reflective journaling process which unfolds as a single player Find-the-Seeker game. It is designed for artistic and highly-sensitive individuals as a creative means to ground emotions, shape imaginative visions, and give voice to authentic impulses.

Serious Play

The world in which your SoulSong Journey unfolds is revealed incrementally, through daily prompts delivered by Curator.

These daily prompts are a call to Serious Play, a practice interweaving your capacities for contemplation, active imagination, mythical storytelling and journaling.

Each prompt includes a mysterious message and a ticket granting you access to the Sacred Grounds where you will discover the most vital aspect of a SoulSong Journey – Shaman’s Artefacts. All Artefacts you encounter in a SoulSong Journey are LightCatchers, but no two LightCatchers are ever the same.

A LightCatcher is an imaginal tool which can be engaged in a process of authentic enquiry and self-reflection. The true significance of Shaman’s Artefacts remains hidden without your deeply personal engagement. When engaged with curiosity and through daily contemplation, LightCatchers will draw your attention into ever deeper dimensions of self-knowing. 

As you practice giving each LightCatcher a Title and a Theme, you witness your creative intelligence and authentic choice-making. In this encounter, you uncover and validate authentic pathways for honoring the Song of your Soul.

Daily practice consists of three purposeful actions: Engage. Title. Theme.

Engaging with a LightCatcher is nothing more or less than an improvisation, a game of Find-the-Seeker in which there is only ever one destination – Home, to your innate wisdom and authentic expression. Even though the pathways Home may be manifold and multidimensional.

When you Engage with a LightCatcher, you activate its meaning-making potential. You’ll notice multiple senses firing and well-worn patterns of perception being disrupted. Imaginal pathways open up allowing you to access deeply embodied intuitions as well as clear-minded noetic illuminations

There is no right or wrong way to Engage with a LightCatcher.

As you give shape and form to your experience of Engaging, you begin extracting and distilling your Soul’s Wisdom. Through active imagination and journaling, you translate fluid feelings and impermanent sensations into memorable signposts and pathways so that you can return to the source of this Wisdom whenever and however many times you need to throughout your life.

When you Title a LightCatcher, your metaphoric intelligence stirs and your storyteller springs into action. Your weaver-of-worlds creates meaningful new connections and associations, uncovers methods for integrating contrasting ideas and feelings, and threads your inner and outer experiences into a single, coherent concept.

A Title should capture a concept in 5 or less words.

When you attribute a Theme to a LightCatcher, you validate a quality, process or state of being that plays a prominent role in shaping your lived experience. This is an invitation to feel what is authentically right for you.

A Theme could be a single word that points to the highest value, foregrounded action or most significant feeling contained in your Title.

The pathways and signposts you shape with your chosen Title & Theme may seem imaginal to begin with - symbolic and ephemeral - but in truth, they have the potential to exert a tangible effect on your daily lived life.

Over time, your responses in this daily practice of Serious Play, as well as the Resources you choose to call upon as you navigate your way through the world of the LightCatcher Chronicles, will illuminate your unique SoulSong.

SoulSong Array

As an extension of the daily Serious Play, you have the option of translating the fractals you have collected into a tangible creative output and shamanic storytelling device – a SoulSong Array.

An array is a multidimensional arrangement, or kaleidoscopic collection

Every LightCatcher you Engage, Title & Theme becomes a fractal – a part of your SoulSong that reflects the Whole. With assistance from Curator, each fractal can be digitally preserved and safely stored in your personal collection. Once you’ve selected a LightCatcher as representative of your SoulSong, you share its Title and Theme with Curator who will integrate all three components into a coherent design with the shape and dimensions of an Oracle card.

When your collection reaches 48 fractals, you will have completed your first SoulSong Array and have the option of printing it as a boxed collection of 48 individual full-colour cards. Once printed, your SoulSong Array will be packaged and shipped to you.

In your hands, your SoulSong Array becomes a tangible tool for purposeful application in your daily life.

As a collection of fractals, it reveals the many illuminations received and Wisdom uncovered on your SoulSong Journey. More importantly, it is a demonstration of your innate creative essence and intuitive strategies of sense-making – your authentic Soul-inspired mythos.

Your SoulSong Array can be used in any number of ways:

  • as a catalyst for creative writing or journaling;
  • as a prompt for dreamwork and active imagination;
  • as an invitation for quiet contemplation and reverie;
  • as an activation for daily affirmation and self-appreciation;
  • as an oracle in problem solving or self-enquiry.

You may discover that you want to keep your SoulSong Array close at hand as you journey further through the world of the LightCatcher Chronicles.

There is essentially no ending to your SoulSong Journey since being is an infinite process and your Soul is an infinite Being. And yet the fractals in your SoulSong Deck will reveal that your Soul’s Wisdom remains a familiar and trustworthy companion throughout this journey – and your SoulSong is an epic tale already told but always ready to be expressed in a multitude of shorter stories.

Required Resources

The LightCatcher Chronicles is an interdimensional world that spans the virtual, the material and the mystical. It makes use of the digital devices we commonly use on a daily basis, such as PC, tablet and cellphone, together with their familiar applications, including email, cloud storage, website, and online community. But it also bridges the realms of the extraordinary, creating a portal to the playful dimensions of the Universe which are accessible through creative expression and artistic living.

To embark on a SoulSong Journey, you will need:

  • a PC, laptop or mobile device;
  • access to email with a reliable address and delivery platform;
  • a safe and reliable web browser;
  • a recommended 15-20 minutes daily, or at the very minimum 15-20 minutes three times a week, to activate the prompts sent by Curator and Engage with Shaman’s artefacts.


Other than this, you will be required to bring your imaginative potential, creative courage, authentic impulses and storytelling skills into play to reap the benefits of embarking on a SoulSong Journey.

Gameplay Resources

Curator’s prompts ~ in the form of daily email messages that include prompts, reminders and tickets

Shaman’s Artefacts ~ a collection of LightCatchers, both archived (already in existence) and emergent (originated by Shaman in present time on a daily basis)

Sacred Grounds ~ a secure and private online space (hosted on Hylo) offering Seeker’s a place of convergence, conversation and contemplation

Designations ~ a diversity of mystical and mysterious locations on the Sacred Grounds where LightCatchers have been known to appear, such as the Hidden Plain and Fields of Lucidity

Wandering Wonderer’s Waystation ~ a specialized designation where complementary light refreshment is on offer once-weekly as a source of rejuvenation and restoration for well-traveled Seekers

Seeker’s Pouch ~ another specialized designation where guidestones from Curator’s own SoulSong Array appear at intermittent intervals as sources of inspiration and protection for curious Seekers

Seeker’s Sanctuary – a library of resources (hosted on iNous) offering guidance and support for Seekers embarked on their SoulSong Journey

Tokens ~ occasional discounts, rewards, awards and special offers that may appear at any time and place for well-traveled Seekers (Curator’s work-in-progress, currently unavailable)

Questions & Answers

Who is a SoulSong Journey for?

A SoulSong Journey is designed for compassionate souls with rich imaginations, powerful emotions and a desire to express themselves authentically! It is especially beneficial for highly-sensitive individuals who find it challenging to ground their imagination or emotions, or to express their innate wisdom. It is also for those who recognize the Mystery and Beauty present in existence and are looking for a creative outlet to express these feelings. Since the SoulSong Journey was created by two artists with a shared background in visual arts, performing arts and literary arts, it will especially appeal to writers, performers, visual artists, philosophers, gamers and other creatives.

Why should I embark on a SoulSong Journey?

Many of us walk through life without giving shape to the Wisdom inherent in our SoulSong. We may have caught glimpses of this noetic intelligence in tiny moments, in-between the grander and more obvious events in our life, and not in what we are doing but how we are doing it. Our SoulSong – as a collection of authentic impulses towards vitality, flourishing and well-being – is always exerting an influence but may come into conflict with inherited ideas or conditioned actions. In those moments, if we have not recognized and validated the truth of our Soul’s Wisdom – we will feel at odds, pulled in irreconcilable directions. A SoulSong Journey is a process of illuminating our inner impulses, shaping them in authentic ways, and employing them with purpose and integrity.

Why is it called a SoulSong Journey?

The title for this Find-the-Seeker game is grounded in the personal ethos of the two creators – a knowing that humans are not simply material beings driven by genetically predetermined instincts; or a chaotic amalgamation of chemical processes; or fallen spirits banished to the earthly plane as punishment and redemption. Rather, we are individuating Souls, each shaping our existence through unique talents, skills and aptitudes, and doing our best to live a life of meaning and purpose. As individuating Souls we are not disconnected from the Whole or isolated in our endeavours – but our Journey is ours alone to make and travel.

Each Soul thus has a unique resonance, a rhythm, a cadence and a flow by which they can be recognized – and learning to trust and express these intrinsic patterns gives rise to a SoulSong Journey.

Who are Shaman and Curator?

Shaman and Curator are the two primary archetypal characters you’ll encounter while embarked on your SoulSong Journey, and represent the two creators of this Find-the-Seeker game. These characters have been chosen by the creators because they align with their innate talents and wisdom. They also indicate each creator’s unique contribution to the SoulSong Journey, and reflect their shared intention as spiritual seekers, artistic researchers, independent content creators and empathic collaborators.

Curator crafts and delivers daily prompts, maintains the Sacred Grounds, and curates Shaman’s artefacts. She also plays a vital role in the design and production of individual SoulSong Arrays. Curator is available for personal support, technical guidance and general administrative enquiries.

Shaman is by nature a solitary figure who spends most of his time in states of active imagination, intuiting and visioning. He has been known to make unexpected appearances at community gathering places and may ask Curator to share any significant insights he has with Seekers on his behalf.

To learn more about the creators behind the characters, visit www.inous.org/about.

What is the LightCatcher Chronicles?

The LightCatcher Chronicles is a perpetual exhibition composed of thousands of Shaman’s Artefacts. This includes archived LightCatchers (originated by Shaman over a period of intense vision-questing) as well as living LightCatchers that are added to the Chronicles on a daily basis for as long as Shaman is fit and able. All LightCatchers are an index of the multidimensional locus in which they were originated. Living LightCatchers reflect the unfolding energies of the present moment and are considered high value in Shaman’s world. These will be marked as such, should they appear on your SoulSong Journey.

How do I start my Journey?

A SoulSong Journey is a process of daily self-reflection and journaling offered through a unique, highly personalized, method of delivery. It is deeply personal and creatively exhilirating.

There are two ways for a Seeker to embark on a Journey ~ with a Cyclical Pass ($49 monthly) or an Infinity Pass ($699 once-off for life).

In the words of Shaman & Curator: “We choose to give freely, with an open heart and mind, and within the scope of our own SoulSong. We recognize that this is an earned freedom that we can only give to those who have shown a commitment to their own Unfolding.”

When you feel your Soul’s calling, and are able to commit to a minimum of 2 months on the Journey, send an email to Curator requesting further details.

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