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Our archive of resources on Artistic Mind is an emergent collection, accumulating links to articles, videos and blogs about key principles and practises related to Artistic Mind as our Artistic Research unfolds.

Topics touched on in these resources include: | Imagination | Reverie | Contemplation | Learning | Autonomy | Freedom | Collaboration | Solitude | Inspiration | Humour | Humility | Improvisation | Mystery | Paradox

“Imagination is the most scientific amongst human faculties since it is the only one able to intuit the universal analogies that mystics call correspondences.”

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iNous is an independent Artistic Research institute based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. We celebrate Artistic Mind as a collective resource and create imaginative tools to support the flourishing of artistic minds worldwide.

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Novelties of Nous are imaginative prompts for artistic minds. Each prompt synergizes an evocative image with a pearl-of-wisdom gleaned from a diverse range of contributors.

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