to the infinite playing fields of Artistic Mind

iNous is an independent institute dedicated to exploring and documenting Artistic Mind. It was founded in 2021 by artistic researcher Samantha Prigge in close collaboration with artist and Muse, Lanon Prigge. At the heart of our research is Novelties of Nous, a growing collection of prompts illuminating the wisdom of Artistic Mind.

What is Artistic Mind?

Artistic Mind is a contemporary term for nous. Although nous has been interpreted in numerous ways, ours aligns with the Greek word νοῦς (British pronunciation n aʊ s), understood as an extraordinary flow state in which infinitely generative fields of potential become available.

Noetic sage Ted Falconar refers directly to the “infinite playing fields” of nous as a vivid wonderland in which existential patterns lying beyond the confines of conceptual language are accessed. Film-maker David Lynch has spoken of “an ocean of pure, vibrant consciousness”, a field that unfolds and grows as you enliven it. Buckminster Fuller recognizes it as “a creativity that is a priori to the integrity of the universe”. Other titles have been bestowed on it at different times  including “the Mystery”, “the Imaginal”, “the Unknown”, the “Liminal”, the “Collective Unconscious” and “the Dream”. Shared by all these understandings is a state of awareness in which an ecstatic dissolution of commonly held tensions and contradictions is experienced.

Unmediated visions, synaesthetic sensations and gestalt feelings can, and do, arise spontaneously from nous. This flow state can also be purposefully collaborated with through active imagination, contemplation, self-reflection, art-making, and embodiment practices.

A Novelty of Nous reflecting the wisdom of Artistic Mind illuminated by Buckminster Fuller

How is Artistic Mind illuminated?

Hundreds of intrepid imagineers throughout time have illuminated the wisdom of Artistic Mind. These illuminators are individuals who, in following the trail of their curiosity and passion, have had the courage to risk, the resilience to fail, the sensitivity to share, and the humility to transform.
Their explorations have extended across disciplines to include physicists, healers, mystics, painters, poets, biologists, writers, etymologists, psychologists, dancers, educators, philosophers, mathematicians, musicians, anthropologists, directors, theorists and sages.
They have been living demonstrations of their curiosity and passion. By choosing to live life artistically, they have given rise to innovative models, new theories, revolutionary methods, inspiring artworks, uplifting practices, and enriching ideas. Many of their creations continue to enrich our daily lives.
Many illuminators have also left textual traces of their in books, articles, diaries, journals, interviews, letters, testimonials and other documents. Sourcing and curating these textual artefacts is one of the ongoing Artistic Research projects of iNous. Pairing these nuggets of nous with visual muses from The LightCatcher Chronicles is how we create Novelties of Nous, our collection of illuminating prompts for sharing the wisdom of Artistic Mind.

How do Novelties of Nous illuminate Artistic Mind?

The Novelties of Nous collection of prompts is dependent on the nuggets of nous currently being curated by iNous. Text fragments that capture an essential noetic insight are sourced and archived with a thematic tag. These thematic tags relate to 9 principles for Living Life Artistically. Each nugget of nous is then paired with a visual muse from The LightCatcher Chronicles, a living exhibition of over 1500 digital artworks which is the work of artist and muse Lanon Carl Prigge. Each pairing is artistically rendered into a unique prompt that illuminates the wisdom of Artistic Mind. Novelties of Nous are made available as Flow Prompts, Stacked Prompts, and moving collages.

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iNous is an independent Artistic Research institute based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. We celebrate Artistic Mind as a collective resource and offer imaginative tools to support the flourishing of artistic minds worldwide.

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