Honoring Artistic Mind

A gallery of dedications for those, past and present, who illuminate the wisdom of Artistic Mind

The illuminators of Artistic Mind featured in our Dedication Gallery are multiversed and multidiscipinary. They are not all practising artists in the common use of the word – as a profession or social role. They are all artistically minded in their approach to learning, knowledge and authentic expression.

Read Maxine Greene on Metaphors and Responsibility

Here you will find reflected nuggets of nous from the explorations of mystics, writers, painters, poets, philosophers, dancers, actors, activists, teachers, biologists, designers, architects, historians, shamans, sculptors, scientists, psychologists, sages and more. As free-spirited individuals they have each found their own way to enter the infinite source of creativity known as nous – whether it be through reverie, wonder, meditation, ecstasy, dreaming, active imagination or embodied practises.

Read Eugenio Barba on theatre as an embodied know-how

And they have translated their insights into an array of languages capable of handling the abstract such as poetic words, evocative images, potent symbols, meaningful movements, and resonant sounds.

Listen to Nora Bateson on art as a paradox of communication

Each dedication in our Gallery is a Novelty of Nous that captures the wisdom of Artistic Mind through a combination of visual muse and verbal mantra.

Colourful array of creativity cue cards with text and image

Novelties of Nous are available as Flow Prompts or Stacked Prompts.

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If you prefer to engage with Artistic Mind in a more methodical manner, and in a designated time and space, then Stacked Prompts are most suitable for you. Each Stack consists of 68-printed Novelties covering a range of themes – perfect for dedicated artistic insight and personal illumination.

iNous is an independent Artistic Research institute based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. We celebrate Artistic Mind as a collective resource and offer imaginative tools to support the flourishing of artistic minds worldwide.

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Novelties of Nous is our growing collection of imaginative prompts. Each prompt synergizes an evocative image with a pearl-of-wisdom gleaned from a diverse range of illuminators.

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