A Collection of Prompts for Living Life Artistically

Novelties of Nous is our infinitely unfolding collection of prompts illuminating that timeless wisdom of Artistic Mind. The collection brings together nuggets of nous gleaned from more than twenty years of artistic research, and currently consists of 1000+ prompts.

We share the wisdom of Artistic Mind through Boxed Edition card decks, as well as intentional email journeys.

Novelties of Nous can be used in the same way as a deck of Oracle cards, Affirmations or intentional prompts. Each card in a Novelties of Nous deck is an intuitive pairing of vibrational muse and inspirational quote. The combination of image and text amplifies the potential significance of each prompt, activating your intrinsic creative capacity, and inviting your sovereign sense-making ability into play.


Explore our 5 Themed Collections

Deck of Lucid Dreamers

A 68-card deck for activating reverie and clarity of perception

Deck of Collective Individualists

A 68-card deck supporting sovereign sense-making and authentic expression

Deck of Sovereign Collaborators

A 68-card deck activating curiosity, courage and compassion

Deck of Attentive Imagineers

A 68-card deck for refining awareness and attending to detail

Deck of Foolish Sages

A 68-card deck prompting insight and illumination through 'crazy wisdom'

Use your deck on a daily basis, or at particular times of your life for significant life-events.

There is enough diversity of image and text in every 68-card deck for rich and expansive sense-making. Print & Box Editions are ideal for a life-time of card readings, journaling and creative processing.

Each collection offers opportunities for:

  • contemplation
  • slowing down and paying attention
  • self-reflection
  • self-actualisation
  • philosophical musing
  • imaginative reverie
  • intention-setting

How to Use a Novelties of Nous Deck

Shuffle and pick a single mystery prompt.

Tom Robbins Curiosity(1)

Or arrange and rearrange a spread of prompts.


As you contemplate each prompt, allow your mind to discover connections and overlaps between the artwork and text. Observe any feelings or insights that arise from this symbolic interplay.


You can leave these insights to arise and flow in an open-ended manner. Or you can commit them to a particular aspect of your life, holding a question, muse or issue in mind as you engage with the cards. 

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iNous is an independent Artistic Research institute based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. We celebrate Artistic Mind as a collective resource and offer imaginative tools to support the flourishing of artistic minds worldwide.

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Novelties of Nous is our collection of 1000+ inspirational prompts for Living Life Artistically. Each prompt pairs a vibrational artwork with inspirational wisdom to activate curiosity and invite daily creativity.

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