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Individuals throughout time, across geographical boundaries, in spite of personal circumstance, irrespective of race or language, and regardless of vocation, have left behind pearls-of-wisdom that continue to throw light on the nature and importance of Artistic Mind – how it enriches both our personal and collective human experience, and revitalizes culture and consciousness.

We honour and celebrate these Illuminators of Artistic Mind in our Novelties of Nous. Click on any of the names listed to open a dedicated page with more information about that Illuminator.

Please note that this is an evolving glossary – new illuminators are constantly being added and existing details amended. Kindly contact us if you have a specific enquiry, or if you observe an error in our information.

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The ethos of certain Artistic Minds has been instrumental in the founding of iNous. Our Dedication Gallery foregrounds and celebrates these illuminators including: Sir Albert Einstein (wide-eyed physicist), Jerzy Grotowski (spiritual acrobat), Alan Watts (spiritual entertainer), Terence McKenna (psychonautical imagineer), William Irwin Thompson (mind-jazz mythologist), Ted Falconar (noetic sage), Buckminster Fuller (free-wheeling architect), Eugenio Barba (collective individualist), Herbert E. Read (illuminating anarchist), and Carl Jung (archetypal sage).

iNous is an independent Artistic Research institute based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. We celebrate Artistic Mind as a collective resource and create imaginative tools to support the flourishing of artistic minds worldwide.


View our Dedication Gallery celebrating all who continue to illuminute the transformative potential of artistic mind.

Novelties of Nous are imaginative prompts for artistic minds. Each prompt synergizes an evocative image with a pearl-of-wisdom gleaned from a diverse range of contributors.

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