Illuminators of Artistic Mind

Throughout time, countless individuals have sourced and expressed the timeless wisdom of our Artistic Mind. These illuminators have given us insight into the nature and significance of deeply human truths – truths about our relationship to beauty, the value of imagination, our ability to improvise and transform, the life-affirming role of courage and creativity, and our ultimate capacity for far-reaching compassion. This existential wisdom transcends geographical boundaries, environmental circumstance, personal affiliation or vocation, reminding us that we are all significant players connected within the greater Mystery of Life.

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iNous is dedicated to sharing this timeless wisdom through a diversity of ways to individuals around the world.

On this page you will find the evolving Glossary of Illuminators whose nuggets of nous are reflected in our intentional journeys and printed prompts. Please note that new names are constantly being added and existing details amended.

As artists and content creators ourselves, we are very aware of the challenges around copyright and fair use. Please read our Fair Use Policy should you have any concerns about our use of third party content. Our ultimate intention is to educate, inspire and support through our website and other offerings. Kindly contact us ( if  you observe an error in our information, or have a specific enquiry.

Artistic Mind Illuminators

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Yvette Kaiser Smith
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