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All of our Legacy Decks are printed and delivered by The Game Crafter. They remain the only print-on-demand company in the world that offers us the flexible resources and personalised services necessary to produce our unique products. Since their inception in 2009, The Game Crafter has included a diversity of custom components specific to printing Oracle, Tarot and other intentional cards and prompts.

A short history of TGC

The Game Crafter is the world’s first web-to-print game publishing company and offers a print on demand game publishing service. The company was founded in 2009 by JT Smith, Tavis Parker, and Jamie Vrbsky who have each brought their unique skills to bear on initiating and sustaining the entrepreneurial venture. You can read the full history here.

Clicking on any of the images in the gallery below will take you directly to the shop page on The Game Crafter which is dedicated to that particular Legacy Deck. The origin, purpose, value, pricing and delivery options associated with each Edition is clearly outlined on its respective shop page.

If you would like to first explore all of our Legacy Decks by viewing a slideshow and video, then please visit our Catalogue page.

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